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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Breaking: Alvin- young brothers killed by man who had been shot.

ALVIN, Texas — Brazoria County authorities are trying to figure out how two young brothers pushing their father's disabled truck were struck and killed by a car carrying a man who had been shot and also died.
Sheriff's investigator Dominick Sanders says 12-year-old David Barajas II and his 11-year-old brother Caleb were pushing the pickup with their father Friday night about a quarter-mile from their home in Alvin.
A car slammed into them. A man in the passenger side was found to be shot in the head.
David Barajas died at the scene, his brother at a hospital. The man in the car, 20-year-old Jose Banda, also died in the hospital.
It's uncertain if Banda was the driver or someone else was behind the wheel and fled.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kingwood man sues over hornet attack

KINGWOOD, Texas – A Houston-based air conditioning technician is suing a Kingwood medical facility for $1 million after he said he was attacked by hornets, which then caused him to fall through a skylight.
Amador Gonzales, Jr., 38, filed a petition in the 61st District Court saying the incident occurred on Oct. 20.
Gonzales said he was working for Tek Plan Solutions and was called to make repairs to a hospital’s air condition units, located on the top of the building.
After he removed a panel from one of the units, the repairman was stung by several hornets, alleged court documents. Gonzales then fell 30 feet from the roof through the building’s plexiglass skylight.
The worker’s lawsuit stated he sustained severe, life-threatening injuries.
The lawsuit claims Kingwood Medical Center was negligent “in failing to provide and maintain a safe place for [Gonzalez] and invitees; creating the unreasonably dangerous conditions or allowing them to be created; [and] in failing to adequately warn” workers of these conditions.
The property’s owners filed a response, denying responsibility for his injuries.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Skinny" the cat's battle inspires weight battlers

DALLAS (KTVT/CBS) – A cat's struggle with obesity has inspired a Twitter page full of supporters and many people fighting their own battles with weight.
The cat that veterinarians call Skinny showed up at the Eastlake Pet Orphanage weighing 42 pounds. The cat was so fat doctors thought it was a female.
His wrists and ankles shake under his weight so he has to move very quickly and in short spurts.
Dr. Brittney Barton believes he got so big because he grew up on a human diet.
"I suspect someone was probably sharing their pizza and cake and cookies and chips," Barton said.
After a cautious exercise regimen and a strict diet of cat food Skinny is down to 37 pounds, but he is still grossly overweight.
Barton doesn't expect he will ever live up to his name, but the doctors have hope he can lead a healthy life.
The Twitter page in Skinny's name has attracted almost 500 followers.
Skinny is so popular people sign up and volunteer just to come sit with him.
He's shy now, but the vet hopes he warms up and gets healthy enough to become available for adoption.
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